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Pardo speed boat

12m / 39 ft Pardo 2020

Pardo is a 39 feet speedboat built in 2020 that is perfect for island hopping, allowing you to jump from one location to another fast. With a capacity of 10 people, this speed boat carries exciting water sports on board including snorkeling gear, water ski, and wakeboard equipment. 

For those interested in slower explorations, there are kayaks and paddle boards guests can use with great pleasure. Additionally, fishing enthusiasts can also take delight in the fishing possibilities. So put your sunglasses on, hop on board, and feel the wind on your hair as you embark on this speedboat for the perfect island hopping adventure in Mediterranean.


If you are interested in snorkeling as many pristine sites as possible in a day, Pardo is a great pick. Being a power boat, it will transport you to many miles over water within a blink of an eye. It is the ideal choice for a small group of friends, or families with children who don’t want to spend more on their holiday, yet want to experience the high life of a boat charter.  

Enjoy the amenities on board, where you can relax as you make your way to one island or bay to another, and prepare yourself for exciting activities that are waiting for you to enjoy. With speed and power at the helm, guests can visit more locations, such as hidden coves and stunning bays that only a select few get to experience.  

Powerboat Pardo offers an action-packed adventure that others only dream about. With a spacious deck and dedicated small crew of 2 that cater to your needs and qualms, your speedboat charter in Mediterranean is simply the best way to spend an extra day or a few hours traversing the coast or nearby waters.


Powerboat Pardo is available for boat tours around Lavrion promising a pack of day attractions that Greece, United Arab Emirates is known for. Your day trip can include everything from water sports to snorkeling and occasional diving, as well as visiting breathtaking sights on neighboring islands and scenic coasts. Though a day trip limits you to a few hours out on the water, Pardo creates the perfect opportunity to give you a glimpse of what these locations have in store.

Chartering a Pardo comes with a fixed day trip itinerary. During your speed boat tour, the lunch is usually served on the beach or in a cozy restaurant at one of the stops. Its dedicated crew of 2 will be looking after you at all times both on land or in water.

Pardo is a speedboat that offers smooth sailing over the waters of Mediterranean. With an intimate crew, stunning features, and capacity to visit more locations in a full-day charter, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of the coasts, the nearby islands, or simply revel in this speedboat charter experience.


Swim Platform
Ipod/ USB


Scuba Diving

Basic Information

  • Boat type: Speed Boat
  • Builder: Pardo
  • Year built: 2020
  • Year refit: 2020
  • Cabins: None
  • Guests sleep: 0
  • Guests day: 10
  • Crew: 2
  • Cruising: 30 knot
  • Top speed: 40 knot
1 guest guests , infantinfants
Ages 2 - 17
Under 2
free and non-binding
  • Seasonal Prices

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